Beautiful Gardens


SMC landscape design specializes in beautiful low-water use landscapes, desert scape and mid-century modern/modern design.  Stephen has been building, designing and working in landscapes since he was a boy growing up in Colorado. He has always looked at landscape differently. Certified by The California School of Garden Design, Stephen takes his professional skills and his creative approach to the next level and helps clients see their dream garden.

Stephen's concept of "creating your perfect moment" is the centerpiece to his design style.


"Finding your perfect moment:


Watching your young child discover butterflies in your colorful garden

Ending your day with a glass of wine or iced tea sitting on your patio

Spending time with best friends surrounded by beauty

Enjoying a cup of coffee with the sound of water splashing in your fountain

Standing in your garden, looking around and thinking - I live here, this is really mine  


inspires the design!"




Inspiration and our own garden